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Samuel Marshak wrote children’s books in the Twentieth Century
Samuil Marshak also wrote children’s books
He was one of the most famous Russian authors of
That same Twentieth Century.
What a difference an i or e can make!
They were the same person.
I is the person Russians know.
E is the person English speakers know.

Shmuel from Kaidanov
Was Chief Rabbi in Vilna
And in Frankfurt am Main
And in Cracow.
Tortured by Cossacks,
His library destroyed,
He persevered.

Shmuel took the Russian name Marshak.
Ha dropped because Russian has no h.
Of Kaidanov.
Russians! What did they know about Hebrew!

Shmuel is chiefly remembered now
Because of his decendent Samuil/Samuel.
And Marshacks/Marshaks
Have forgotten Shmuel and Kaidanov.

David Marshak 2005

Copyright H. David Marshak, All Rights Reserved